Benjamin Himpel



I am a professor at Reutlingen University, where my teaching focus lies in the foundations of computer science, and research affiliate at the Centre for Quantum Mathematics at the University of Southern Denmark. My research interests revolve around the theory and applications of global analysis as well as Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence. In my spare time I love to spend time with my family and play the saxophone. At the university I lead the big band of the university.

After my thesis work in geometric topology and Chern-Simons gauge theory under the supervision of Paul Kirk at Indiana University Bloomington I was a research fellow at the Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in Bonn before I joined the global analysis group of Werner Müller and Matthias Lesch at Bonn University. In 2009 I initiated and co-organized the conference „Chern-Simons Gauge Theory: 20 years after“ at the Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, supported by the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics. The workshop addressed developments in Chern-Simons Theory since the landmark paper „Quantum field theory and the Jones polynomial“ written by Edward Witten in 1989 which started this research area and won him the Fields medal. We were fortunate to have Edward Witten participate and present an inspiring lecture at the conference. Afterwards I became a member of the Center for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces at Aarhus University before I started as a researcher at TWT GmbH Science & Innovation where I used my expertise in global analysis and differential geometry to tackle industrial problems like mesh smoothing and topology optimization. At Reutlingen University my focus shifted to Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

Apart from these problems I have been working on combining psychoacoustic neuroscience and geometry to explain certain aspects in music theory.

Research Interests

Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
CAD/CAE/Finite Element Method
Global Analysis, Chern-Simons Theory
Psychoacoustic Neuroscience, Music Theory and Geometry

Short CV

since 2018 Professor of Applied Informatics at the Department of InformaticsReutlingen University
since 2019 Research Affiliate Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli SpacesUniversity of Southern Denmark
2016-2018 Lecturer at the Department of InformaticsReutlingen University
2012-2018 Head of Mathematical Methods (Innovation Management), Head of Industrial Mathematics (ICT), Senior Researcher, TWT GmbH Science & Innovation
since 2009 Research Affiliate, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli SpacesAarhus University
2005-2009 Assistant Professor, Global Analysis Group Lesch/Müller, Bonn University
2004-2005 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Max-Planck-Instute for Mathematics, Bonn
2001 Research Consultant, YY Technologies, Mountain View, California
1998-2004 PhD Studies, Indiana University Bloomington
1995-1998 Undergraduate Studies, Free University of Berlin

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